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It is after a long hibernation have I come back to post some additional recipes on this blog. For very many reasons I was unable to attend to this blog and that has resulted in the delay in updating this website.

I have also come across certain details through the reports that get generated on this blog and they are

1. People find it difficult to know about the various pages within the blog
- To this I am currently working on a Site map sort of a detailing and will be launched pretty soon. The site map or the link to the site map will be placed on the main page for easier maneuverability for the visitors

2. People are unaware of the various updates on the blog
- This can certainly be avoided if the visitors subscribe for the posts in a reader. Click here to subscribe for my pages - SUBSCRIBE TO WORLD CUISINES
- Another option is to subscribe for email updates by clicking here - SUBSCRIBE TO WORLD CUISINES BY E-MAIL
- For people who do not want to subscribe I would request them to atleast mark this blog in their favourites and keep visiting. I am confident about the fact that I would be updating the blog atleast four times in a week
- I would also have another post on the main page to link to the various articles and recipes that are getting added on a day to day basis on this blog. I would call this "Recently Added Stuff" and this would be dated as well.

I sincerely want to make this blog user friendly with lot of navigations and informative for people visiting this blog to take advantage of. I may for many reasons not be aware of certain hurdles and unfriendly links. Please let me know of the same so that I can correct them for you.

The motive of this blog is to let all of you to know what an art cooking is and more so consuming the food being prepared.

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