How to make South Indian Filter Coffee?

I had posted about a few coffee options that we stumble upon. I had also mentioned that i would provide you a step by step procedure to prepare THE FILTER COFFEE. A typical south Indian preparation!!

Step 1: You'll need a traditional south Indian filter, also called the percolator which is made of 4 parts. See the picture below.
In a clockwise direction let me explain the parts starting from the top
1. The lid that comes on top of the actual percolator.
2. The percolator, you can also see the base is punched with holes
3. Strainer, although this looks like an umbrella it is a strainer.
4. Collector, The fourth part forms the base which collects the strained decoction.

Step 2: Get coffee powder, if it is India you can get freshly ground coffee powder mixed with chickory. Chickory is nothing but a real stronger coffee beans blend. It is powdered and added to the coffee powder usually in the percentage ratio of 90 to 10, where 10% is chickory and 90% coffee.

Step 3: Assemble the filter, where the base is fixed with the percolator on the top. Once this is done place the strainer and then keep the lid handy.

Step 4: Put the coffee powder atop the strainer, the usual is 2 heaped tablespoons of coffee powder to make the decoction. This decoction will serve 6 to 8 people depending on the strength of the coffee and the serving quantity.

Step 5: Boil water and pour into the percolator, you can always top up the water once a little water is strained, keep in mind how much of liquid the base can hold. Now be careful of the heat, the entire filter will be hot. Keep the filter aside for it to strain, usually it takes around 45 mins to strain the entire water.

Step 6: Take tumbler and davraa a traditional serving utensils. Or take any cup, the mixture is in the ratio 3:1. Take 3/4 tumbler milk, top it with decoction, add sugar as per requirement mix them well and serve.

There you have a step by step way to make filter coffee. Make sure the following are adhered to
- Never heat the coffee after mixing with decoction.
- If you use decoction stored in the fridge, heat the decoction separately by placing it in boiling water.
- You can also make cold coffee using this decoction.
- Some filters have bigger holes. After filling the coffee powder you can slightly press it with your fingers.
- Some filters have small holes which tend to get blocked. Make sure the holes are clear.
- The filter should be totally dry when you add the powder.

Happy coffeeing!! I would talk about a few popular dishes and recipes of Kashmiri Pundit Cuisine in my next post. You can choose to Subscribe by email


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The Guru on December 8, 2010 at 10:52 PM said...

Enjoyed reading how to make indian coffee, couldn't get enough when i was in bombay. thanks!

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