Popular Coffee options explained

There have been many a times when we have been to the coffee shops and coffee pubs and gotten stumbled with the names given to the coffee. This is to throw some light on the coffee options available in the market and for us to decipher them effectively.

The definition list of some of the most popular coffee drinks available at most upscale cafes and coffee shops are as below to help us not to faulter on the names and types of coffee available.

Though the term "Espresso" can also refer to the roasting method, an espresso is typically a highly concentrated shot of dark, rich, black coffee. It's usually made in an espresso machine and is extracted by shooting hot water through a densely compacted scoop of very fine coffee grinds.
A latte is made by pouring one to two shots of espresso into a mug full of steamed milk. Typically a latte is topped with foamed milk, but this isn't a necessity.
An americano is a shot or two of espresso in a cup filled with hot water. While diluted and not as strong as a straight espresso, it still won't taste like a typical American coffee.
Drip Coffee
A drip coffee is your standard, basic coffee. It's called a drip because it drips out of the percolator or coffee machine. If you're looking for a simple, American coffee - this is it.
A cappuccino is like a latte, but with less milk and more foam. It's also much smaller and typically served in a 5-6 ounce porcelain cup.
Cafe Au Lait
A cafe au lait is typically made with standard drip coffee and two thirds of hot and foamy or steamed milk
Cafe Frappuccino
A frappuccino is actually a drink made by Starbucks - it's a blended mix of coffee, ice, water, milk and flavored syrups. It is often sold at other coffee establishments as an iced coffee, coffee smoothie or blended coffee.
Cafe Mocha
A cafe mocha is made from a single shot of espresso, 5 to 8 ounces of steamed milk and chocolate syrup. It's often topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Basically, the mocha is like a latte, but with a splash of chocolate added.

The last but not the least "The Filter Coffee". A typical name in southern Indian homes especially the ones in the state of Tamil Nadu. In south Indian homes the coffee does not have these many names or varieties. A simple coffee would be "Decoction", prepared by extracting coffee concentrate from the ground beans, with sugar and milk in right proportions.

How to prepare the South Indian Filter Coffee? That would be in another post...


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