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Travancore a region in Kerala also known as Thiruvithaamkoor in malayalam. This region forms the southern part of Kerala, the god's own country. Find below the list of dishes dished out from this region.

- Beef Ularthiyathu : A dry spicy preparation with Beef usually served as an accompaniment with Appam. Click here for its recipe
- Kerala Moru Curry : Moru is a preparation using Curd and spices. This is similar to sambar when it comes to purpose in a meal. This is usually mixed with boiled rice and consumed. Click Here for its recipe
- Karimeen Pollichathu : Karimeen is a type of fish (Pearl spot fish). The fish is prepared by covering the marinated fish with plantain leaves and shallow fried and finished with coconut milk. Click here for its recipe
- Vellappam : A rice pancake prepared using Coconut milk, something similar to dosa. Served for breakfast. Click here for its recipe
- Travancore Sambar : Sambar prepared in Travancore style. Served as an accompaniment to boiled rice. Click here for its recipe

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