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The malabar region falls in the state of Kerala, the people called malayalees (they speak the language called Malayalam). This state in India is know for its scenic locations and it lush green locales. The state of Kerala is also know as "Gods own country" for the simple reason that it has abundance of beauty any where your eyes can look.
Malabar cuisine has its food influenced by the foreigners who have visited this region for centuries for trading in spices that care cultivated in the state of Kerala. The cuisine is mildly spiced and is very tasty. Find below a few of the popular dishes from the malabar cuisine
  • Malabar Fish Curry : A fish preparation which is gravy based and is prepared over slow fire to absorb all the spices' flavours. Served usually with steamed rice or Appam. Click here for its recipe
  • Appam : It is a light food prepared with rice batter. It is in simpler layman's term pancakes prepared by pouring the batter into a vessel which forms its shape which is like a bowl. Click here for its recipe
  • Ada Prathaman : Ada is a pasta type sheets which are then cut into smaller squares. Ada prathaman is a sweet dish prepared by using ada, it is sweetened using jaggery (Brown Sugar). Click here for its recipe
  • Pazhampori : Usually served as snacks with the evening chai, this is a dish prepared by batter frying sliced fruits. The primary fruit used for this is plantain, a variety available in Kerala called the Naendaram pazham. Click here for its recipe
  • Coconut prawn Gravy : Coconut is one of the primary ingredients in food preparation in Kerala. Coconut is used in some form or the other. This dish is prepared with prawns. Click here for its recipe

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