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Udupi Region falls in the state of Karnataka in South India. The recipes are world renowned, the cuisine is primarily vegetarian and has been an integral part in founding certain original lip smacking dishes. Dosa, upma, kichdi are some of the dishes that originated from the town Udupi. Let's see a few dishes of the udupi cuisine and its recipes as below

  • Bele Saru : Saru is a name given for a soupy liquid that is served with rice, saru can also be consumed as an appetizer. It is a concoction of various spices and lentils. This can be prepared in jiffy once we have all its ingredients in place. One such requirement is the Saarina Pudi. It is nothing but ground spices for the saru. Click here for it's recipe
  • Green Beans Gojju : Gojju is a preparation to be served as an accompaniment to the main course food. Click here for its recipe
  • Udupi Upma : A preparation served usually for breakfast, prepared using
    (Sooji/Rava) and certain other ingredients. Click here for its recipe
  • Dosa : Dosa is an integral part of any south indian household. It is served as break fast, snack, even at times lunch or dinner. In simple terms it is rice pancake, served with chutney. Click here for its recipe
  • Payasa : A sweet dish, served as a dessert. Click here for its recipe

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting our karnataka's recipe :)

Jain Recipes on May 14, 2009 at 6:26 PM said...

Hi. Nice blog. Enjoyed many of your recipes.

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