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As promised in my previous post I am starting to list down the updates that I would be making on this blog. This update would not have the recent updates, for the reason that I need to list all the past updates on this post and the forthcoming ones. World Cuisines would be a blog that will try to live up to the title of the blog - Enlisting the cuisines of the world
I would quickly start listing all the dishes and their recipes along with a small write up as to what the dish is about. I am trying to do justice to the tradition with which these recipes are prepared. Please provide me with your feedback for me to develop this blog in a better fashion, so as to enable effective usage by all of you.
First few of the very many South Indian Dishes are listed as below
  • Karunai Kilangu Masiyal : It is a dish prepared in the chettinadu region in Tamil Nadu. This dish is a preparation using Elephant Foot Yam (Suran in Hindi). The yam is mashed while preparation and is used as an accompaniment for the main course which is usually steamed rice with sambar or rasam. Click here for its recipe
  • Muttaigos Mutati Podimas : This is a dish from the Kongunadu Region in Tamil Nadu. This dish uses cabbage and egg as main ingredients and is consumed as an accompaniment for the main course. Click here for its recipe
  • Hyderabadi Kheema : This is a dish from a famous region in South India, Hyderabad. The cuisines has moghul influence, the dish is prepared using minced lamb as its basic ingredient. Kheema is used as an accompaniment to roti and is prepared using a clay oven. Click here for its recipe
  • Telengana Rasam : Telengana a region in Andhra Pradesh and the cuisine has variety. This is a dish prepared to compliment steamed rice, it is just a light soupy dish. Click here for its recipe
  • Coconut Appam : A mangalorean delicacy from the the state Karnataka in South India. Kannadigas relish this dish primarily for breakfast. This is a light fluffy pancake which can be served with coconut milk or some gravy. Click here for its recipe
  • Upma : Famous in south India, originated from Udupi a region in Karnataka. The basic ingredient is Rava (Semolina) and is prepared like how a porridge is prepared. The difference ofcourse is the other ingredients used in its preparation. Click here for its recipe
  • Beef Ularthiyathu : A Kerala speciality especially from the Travancore region. Ularthiyathu mean dried, so the name suggests the preparation method. Click here for its recipe
  • Masala Lobster : A typical malabar preparation, malabar is a region in Kerala state and the cuisine is quite famous. The name lets us know the dish and its basic ingredient. Click here for its recipe

I will soon come out with the site map which will further ease maneuvering through this blog.


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