North Indian recipes' compilation

This is a second compilation and there are more to come in this blog, North Inidan cuisine as a cuisine is having varied dishes which are popular the world over. Find here a few popular dishes and recipes and a small write up as to what these dishes are about.

Chamani Qaliya : This is a paneer (Cottage Cheese) gravy from Kashmir. It is prepared and served with roti or rice. It is a dish from the kashmiri cuisine. Click here for it's recipe
Rogan Josh : Another popular dish from the Kashmir, this one is from the Wazwan Cuisine. A typical kashmiri preparation of lamb. The preparation renders the lamb supple and well flavoured. One of my favourite dishes listed in World Cuisines. Click here for it's recipe
Punjabi Kadhi : As the name suggests the dish is from punjab. It is a gravy prepared from gram flour and has lentil/vegetable dumplings in them. Usually served with rice. Click here for it's recipe
Chicken Tikka : World over the Indian restaurants have this dish featuring in their menu. Very popular for its flavour, taste and preparation methods. Chicken tikka is from the punjabi cuisine as well. The preparation is using tandoor (Clay oven). Click here for it's recipe
Garhwal ka Fannah : From the garhwal region and part of the north indian cuisine is a lentil preparation. The speciality is the lentil used and is served with indian breads (rotis) as an accompaniment. Click here for it's recipe
Kandalee ka Saag : From the Kumaon region is a green leafy preparation. Served with rotis
Click here for it's recipe
Chicken Hazaarvi : Another dish being prepared in Tandoor and from the mughalai cuisine, forms the delhi region's food. Click here for it's recipe
Kakori Kabab : From the Uttar Pradesh region and from the awadh cuisine, this dish is a preparation with minced meat. Click here for it's recipe
Khaste Mathura Aloo : A potato gravy preparation from Lucknowi cuisine, the dish is usually served with rotis. Click here for it's recipe
Aloo ka Bhartha : It is an Indian style salad from the rajasthan cuisine. Prepared using potatoes as primary ingredient. Click here for it's recipe
Dal Bati : A lentil preparation from Rajasthan and from the marwari cuisine. This bati which is puffed balls of lentils is served with dal gravy. Click here for it's recipe


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