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Another cuisine from the state of Tamil Nadu, this cuisine if from the kongu region which contains more than 50 cities from the state of Tamil Nadu. This is a feature rich cuisine with variety unlike the Chettinadu Cuisine which if from a place called Karaikudi. Find below the kongu cuisine's popular dishes and a link that will lead you to the recipe.
  • Muttaigos muttai podimas : A dish prepared using cabbage and eggs, in simple language its a mixture of eggs and cabbage. This dish is served as an accompaniment. Click here for its recipe
  • Kathirikkai Masal : A preparation using aubergines (Egg plant/Brinjals). This is also an accompaniment to rice or dosa/idly. It is a gravy or like how people call it, its a masala. Click here for its recipe
  • Sandavai : Its a preparation using rice flour and is served as breakfast in the state of Tamil Nadu. In some regions other than the kongu region it is a little different in terms of preparation and is called idiyappam. Click here for its recipe
  • Paruppu Urundai Kozhambhu : Kozhambu, also spelt kolambu/kulambu is a gravy or curry with more liquid than usual and is served along with rice to be mixed together and had. It is also served as an accompaniment to dosa. Click here for its recipe
  • Mochai paruppu Pasi paruppu Kootu : In literal terms kootu in Tamil (Language) means 'Sum'. So this dish is a sum of many ingredients. A semi solid gravy served as an accompaniment to the main course. Click here for its recipe

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My Next post would be on Udupi Cuisine and a few of its popular dishes.


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