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If you noticed the previous two posts on recipe compilation had segregation with regard to cuisines namely North Indian and South Indian Cuisine. After much thought and suggestion from my wife, I understand that it is a tedious process not only to write a post but also to navigate.
So here I am again with a new approach to navigation of the recipes and dishes in this blog. From now on I am going to be writing posts on a particular cuisine in a region and not the entire region, to explain more clearly I would write a post on chettinadu cuisine in particular, the post dedicated to Chettinadu Cuisine and not the Tamil Nadu Cuisines. The post will have 5 dishes from that cuisine.
So following the above example I would start this new approach with the chettiandu or chettinad cuisine. So, find below the cuisine's popular dishes and a link to lead you to its recipe.
  • Pal Paniyaram : It is a sweet dish prepared by frying lentil dumpling and soaking the same in milk. Click here for its recipe
  • Karuveppilai Kozhambu : It is a curry or gravy served as an accompaniment with steamed rice usually and is prepared with Curry Leaves. A variant of Sambar. Click here for its recipe
  • Keerai Masiyal : A green leafy preparation served as an accompaniment. A masiyal is a mashed preparation of the edible leaves of plants. Click here for its recipe
  • Chicken Chettinadu : Is a very popular dish which is spicy and is served with steamed rice or dosa. Reason for its spice is usage of pepper corns and the spice can be adjusted either by increasing or reducing the number of peppercorns. Click here for its recipe
  • Carrot thayir pachadi : It is a preparation to go along with spicy food. Using yoghurt/curd the preparation is mild without much spice to ease the spice of any main dish. Click here for its recipe

You can also choose to visit all its popular dishes and recipes by clicking here

Alternatively you can visit the blogsite for Chettinadu Cuisine at

My next post would be on another Tamil Nadu Cuisine, the Kongu Cuisine.


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