An update - Breakfast recipes (Pancakes)

In the previous post I had written a recipe about making pancakes. I am sure that you've had an understanding of how to go about making pancakes, theoretically. What good is theory in comparison to practical step by step explanation which at times is a visual treat?

This post is to quickly give an update about a site I came across today and thought there is nothing that can better what I wanted to do. This site is called Videojug and what's so good about this site that I wanted to give you an update? Trust me I am so excited to share this with you all.

Well, first thing first, it is a website where people can watch straightforward, helpful and informative videos on anything and everything in life- from bite sized 'How-to' films to expert advice on a huge range of topics, all for free. Don't it sounds wonderful? I am sure it does.

The second being I saw a video on making pancakes, a step by step method to prepare the ever loved Great American Pancakes. That's not it there is a whole load of recipes for breakfast, click the link below and you will sure be amazed with the various recipes for breakfast on video all under one roof (Website)
Breakfast recipes
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The next post would be on a recipe using broccoli.

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