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After the previous post of avocado chutney, I realised I had not written any posts on popular dishes and recipes. Now, I would get back to writing about popular dishes and recipes of a few cuisines now and then. In this post we would look at Punjabi cuisine.
Punjab a land of wheat is very diverse in its cuisine. Punjabi cuisine is world renowned and it is one of the north Indian cuisines. Find below a few of the popular dishes and recipes of the punjabi cuisine

- Punjabi Kadhi. It is a gram flour based gravy served with steamed rice. A little bland and highly flavoured. Click here for its recipe

- Maharani Dal. A mixture of many lentils cooked slowly creating a lovely delicacy. Served as an accompaniment to any indian bread or to pulav. Click here for its recipe

- Naan/Butter Naan. An Indian bread cooked in tandoor, an earthen pot used as an oven. Naan is served with any veg or non veg gravy, onions, chillies. Click here for its recipe

- Khoya Mutter. Khoya is condensed milk and mutter is green peas. As the name suggests it is a gravy prepared with both as primary ingredients. Served with rice or rotis. Click here for its recipe

- Dhabewala ghost. It is a mutton gravy prepared in ways a dhaba prepares its gravy. A dhaba is an eatery which lines the major highways in the north serving the truckers and highway users. Served with rice or rotis. Click here for its recipe

The punjabi meal is loaded with nutrients and is very healthy. Check for more recipes of the punjab region here Popular dishes and recipes.

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