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Mangalore or Mangalooru (Recently rechristened) is a city and region in the state of Karnataka. One of the popular south indian cuisines the mangalorean cuisine has variety in its dishes and the ingredients used to prepare those dishes. Udupi cuisine which also hails from the state of Karnataka, the other being mangalorean cuisine is a vegtarian cuisine. Mangalorean cuisine is a non vegetarian cuisine as well. Find below a few of the popular dishes of mangalorean cuisine

- Kori Rotti is a chicken preparation prepared with coconut and is served with roti. Click here for its recipe

- Fish Ambot Theek Curry, a fish preparation which is sour and spicy as the name suggests can be served with coconut appam or rice. Click here for its recipe

- Kidyo is a deep fried snack prepared using flour. Click here for its recipe

- Pork Sorpotel is a gravy prepared with pork as a main ingredient. Served with rice or appam. Click here for its recipe

- Coconut Appam is a pancake made with rice batter and coconut milk. Served as breakfast usually. Click here for its recipe

To view all the popular dishes and recipes of the mangalorean cuisine, click here
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