Telangana Cuisine - Rasam

Ingredients :

2 nos - Tomatoes
1 tbsp - Tamarind paste

3 nos - Red Chillies
1 pinch - Turmeric Powder
2 cloves - Garlic
2 stalks - Curry Leaves
1 stalk - Coriander leaves
1 tsp - Mustard Seeds
2 tsp - Cumin Seeds
1 tsp - Pepper (powdered)
2 tsp - Oil
Salt to taste

Cooking Instructions :

- Cut tomatoes and in a vessel add 4 cups of water, turmeric powder, tamarind paste, pepper powder and salt.
- Let it boil for 15 -20 min or till the tomatoes are cooked well on medium flame.
- Now heat a pan add oil to it, then add mustard and cummin seeds once it splutters add curry leaves, red chilles and garlic cut in small pieces.
- Add this to the boiling rasam.
- Cut coriander leaves and garnish the dish.
- Serve it hot as an appetizer or with hot rice.


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