Breakfast Recipes - Appam (South Indian Breakfast)

Breakfast recipes is a series we started some time back and we saw recipes of pancakes, waffles, etc. Today we are to see another recipe for breakfast. This dish is called appam and is prepared in southern India. Usually served for breakfast this dish is similar to a pancake except that it is prepared using fermented rice batter. Healthy enough and tasty as well, bringing to you Appam

Ingredients :

1/2 Cup - Cooked rice
1/2 kg - Raw rice
1 No - Grated coconut
3 tsp - Sugar
1/2 tsp - Yeast
Salt to taste

Cooking Instructions :

- Soak raw rice for about 4 hours and drain.
- Blend with cooked rice and grated coconut in a blender.
- Mix sugar, yeast and salt in boiled water. Leave it for half hour.
- Add this mixture to the above ground mixture.
- Leave the mixture for fermentation, it is better it ferments for 8 hours.
- Spread this fermented mixture in a non-stick pan.
- Put a lid on the pan and cook it for 2 minutes.
- Appam is ready. Serve it with potato curry or coconut milk.

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