Breakfast Recipes - French Toast

French toast, as the name states a recipe from France from the people of France. A whole meal by itself containing grains(Bread), sugar for energy, eggs for protein and milk.

It's a quick recipe which takes much less time in comparison to other breakfast recipes, ofcourse there are ones which take much more lesser time than the french toast. Personally I feel this is a very tasty and wholesome breakfast

Let's see below the recipe for French Toasts


1 Loaf - French bread cut into 1/2 inch thick slices
6 nos - Eggs
2/3 cup - Sugar
1 tsp - Cinnamon
3 cups - Milk
4 tbsp - Brown sugar
4 tbsp - Dried cranberries

Cooking Method:

- Lay French Bread slices in 9" x 13" pan sprayed with cooking oil.

- Mix eggs, sugar, and cinnamon; add milk and pour over bread.

- Sprinkle brown sugar and dried cranberries on top. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

- Bake at 325 degrees for 50-60 minutes. Garnish with twist of orange and grape cluster.

- Serve with sausages.

The next few posts would be on knowing a fruit and the preparations with that fruit.
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