Recipes using Avocado - Avocado Dip

After the previous post on making avocado chutney in the series knowing a fruit, I thought it was time for another recipe using avocado. This time it a simple but tasty accompaniment which goes well with your parties that you host be it cocktail party or a simple vegetarian get together.


1 no - Ripe avocado.
1 clove - Garlic, peeled and chopped.
1 no - Green chili, chopped.
3 tbsp - Freshly chopped coriander leaves.
1 tbsp - Lemon juice.
Salt to taste
¼ tsp - Ground cumin.

Preparing Method :

- Slice the avocado into two lengthway and remove the stone.

- Scoop out the flesh and put into a food processor with all other ingredients except the cumin. Blend well.

- Move the dip into to its serving dish and sprinkle the cumin over top.

- Serve with freshly cut vegetables usually carrots, radish, turnips, beetroot, etc.,

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